Decorating a home is exciting and can be a lot of fun, however for some it can also be overwhelming.  How do I know this color will work? So many fabrics and wallcoverings to chose from, it is making me dizzy.  I know what I like, but implementing it is too much for me.  I have a new house, does that mean I have to get all new stuff?  I want a beautiful home, but I just don’t have the time to make it happen.  Any of these sound familiar?  Chances are this is why you are looking into hiring an interior designer.

I am Meg Hosler of  Meggie H. Interiors and I’m here to help.  Meggie H. Interiors is a decorating, and interior design consulting firm located in Wenham, Massachusetts, just north of Boston near Cape Ann. I can help you with paint choices, fabric for furniture and window treatments, rugs, and furniture placement, room styling, as well as give you suggestions on how to give your home more architectural character. I specialize in traditional  interiors with a bit of the unexpected.  I love using your family heirlooms, traditional pieces, chinoiserie, classic cabinetry, things that won’t be out of style in the next 10 years.  Designing a home is expensive and should be looked at as an investment.  I believe in keeping the permanent things classic because they are the most costly, such as cabinets, counters, mantles, woodwork. If you want POW, we can go bananas with your paint and wall coverings as they are easy and much more affordable to change. Same goes for furnishings, I prefer we purchase quality classic pieces that will last generations,  but we can have fun with upholstery and trimmings to keep it fresh and chic.

About Meggie

Meg Hosler is the founder of Meggie H. Interiors.  As a former educator and full time mother, Meg has always maintained a passion for decorating and knows how to create a beautiful, comfortable and functional home.  Meg’s interest in decorating has been ingrained in her since she was a young girl. She spent hours decorating spaces for her Barbies and creating homes for her tiny stuffed animals.  While she was a teen, her friends poured themselves over Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Seventeen, Meg was far more interested in her mother’s Colonial Homes, Traditional Home and Architectural Digest magazines.

This passion continued as her parents’ college graduation gift was not a trip to Europe or a car.  Instead, it was her first oriental rug.  Meg’s husband also knew the way to his wife’s heart wasn’t through jewelry, it was paintings and furnishings for their home.  The spark that ignited the launch of Meggie H. Interiors came from a dear friend, who was a successful interior designer and artist.  She told Meg she needed to be doing this professionally.  After fifteen years of renovating and decorating five homes of her own and helping numerous friends with theirs, Meg started Meggie H. Interiors in 2008, working part time while still maintaining focus on her family.  Eight years later with her first born setting off to college and her baby about to get his driver’s license, Meg is able to pursue her passion full time.